Sharing the 2021 Vision for a Community Railway Serving Bridport, Maiden Newton and West Bay

Community Owned

A community owned light railway designed to serve the communities and villages in the area and a community land trust to ensure the future of the railway in perpetuity.

Zero Carbon Transport

We propose to use hydrogen and battery powered trains for all year-round core services providing a zero carbon transport.

Park & Tram/Train

Providing several options to park and tram, solving traffic congestion to Westbay and extra parking for Bridport to enable new renewal in the town centre.

Efficient Heritage & Eco Tourism

Providing a valuable heritage steam eco-tourism attraction for the area incorporating the latest advances in technology including pre-heating the boiler with solar power energy and alternative fuels like bio-briquettes and biomass that are grown locally supporting local agriculture.

Engineering Jobs & Innovation Lab

Providing opportunities for a zero-carbon light rail workshop and innovation centre providing manufacturing facilities and apprenticeships.

An Innovative “Living Lab” for the future of rural light rail

This vision seeks to deliver an innovative approach to the sensitive development of the countryside as an exemplar project that can be replicated.

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